Frequently asked questions:


1). Will your products stain my tub and/or skin? 

Love Monster uses only FDA approved colorants in our products. Including batch certified lakes, dyes & Mixes. The use of polysorbate 80 is crucial with some colorants to avoid staining or a ring of color around the tub. Each dye is tested repeatedly to insure staining does not occur.  Many of our dyes are water soluble, so the use of polysorbate 80 is not necessary, however, it assists in preventing the oil from pooling on top of the water. It is VERY important that all instructions be followed when using our products. Such as, making sure the tub is clean PRIOR to use, the colorants/oils in the bath bombs will cling to any soap residue on your tub. If that does happen, simply take an old washcloth and wipe clean. Be sure to rinse tub well after each use. While it may be tempting, it is not recommended that you hold the bath bomb with wet hands or while it is in the water. This may result in staining of the hands. Each bath bomb consists of highly concentrated dye, that is meant to color an entire tub. If your tub has a worn or scratched finish, use of our bath bombs is not recommended. Please use caution if submerging light colored hair into water while our bath bombs are in use. Unless of course you're into potentially colorful hair. 


2). Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, they are. I have children with sensitive skin and We use these products on our family every single day. We have never had any issues whatsoever. Our customers safety is our number one concern. With that said, we do have some products that I would recommend over others, products with much milder ingredients. If you'd like recommendations, please feel free to contact us! We can also accommodate requests, such as no colorants, no fragrance oils, etc. We can not however, make any sort of medical recommendations or claims regarding our products. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. 

3) What products do you have that can fix (insert various medical or skin ailment)???

Love Monster Can not and will not ever claim to remedy any medical or skin issues you may have. That's not our cup of tea, so to speak. We are not doctors and we don't claim to be. Frankly, you should be weary of any bath and body company that does. We recommend steering clear of companies who claim medicinal or therapeutic properties to their products, because, its just not true. Its also illegal and we wont touch that with a ten foot pole. Now, with that said, we do offer recommendations based on which ingredients would be more suitable to your specific needs. Such as avoiding SLSA if you have sensitive skin, or Eucalyptus oil being more soothing for a cold. We may not be able to cure you, but we can make you more comfortable. 

4). Will you accommodate allergies? 

It depends on the allergy and the severity. Is it a mild irritation or major reaction? If its a mild irritation, some ingredients can be swapped. Such as using almond oil in place of coconut, etc. If its a major reaction, we do not recommend the use of our products since there is always a chance for trace amounts to be present. However, we take your safety and comfort very seriously and all efforts will be made to assure your needs are met. Love Monster is not responsible for allergic reactions to products, it is up to the consumer to read ingredients lists and/or ask questions prior to use. If irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.